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Diabetic Care

Khepra Foot Balm has received the National Health & Wellness Member Tested Seal of Approval

  • 92% approval rating from 280 diabetics that tested the product for daily foot care
  • As featured in the September/October issue of National Health & Wellness

Here is what some of the members of the National Health & Wellness Club say about Khepra Foot Balm:

“I am a diabetic, have had severe problems with cracked, flaking skin on the bottom and sides of my feet. I’ve tried over the last four years numerous lubricants and creams with limited improvement. However, after three weeks of using Khepra I’ve noticed an almost unbelievable degree of improvement. I am totally impressed.”
--William P., Martinsville VA

“I am a diabetic who needs to take extremely good care of my feet. My husband has always suffered with dry and cracked feet. The first time we used Khepra Foot Balm we were amazed. Even the nurse who takes care of my husband’s feet was amazed at the difference from his previous visit.”
--Buddye D., Fairview NC

“I have used other products and have not gotten the results I have from Khepra Foot Balm. My dry flaky skin has disappeared after three days. I could not be more pleased with the results.”
--Donna D., Ewing KY

“I am a diabetic who has foot troubles. The use of Khepra Foot Balm at night has helped ease my foot pain to allow me to sleep better.”
--Patricia B., Hawesville KY

“I used this product on myself. It worked so well that I used it on my husband’s feet and believe it or not his scaly legs. After two applications he had smooth legs and feet. Thank you.”
--Dorothy L., Naugatuck CT

“Wow! It works! I’ve used other creams for my feet and they didn’t work. This does. Great product!”
--C. E., Brooksville FL

“I used Khepra Foot Balm for two week so far and it has improved the condition of my feet immensely. I have to be very careful with the product I use on my feet because of my diabetes. Khepra Foot Balm worked very well at softening the rough areas and soothing the cracked areas. Khepra Foot Balm along with normal foot care has given my feet a welcome makeover.”
-- Dawn M., Pulaski WI

“Love, love this product. Works wonderfully. Not greasy, absorbs right into my feet. Feels wonderful.”
--Barbara C., Cranston RI

“Finally a lotion that does what it says it is going to do. I have awfully cracked feet. My 26 year old feet looked like 66 year old grandmother heels. This works. It is awesome.”
--Lara W., Dothan AL

“I am a diabetic. My feet were so dry and scaly I could not stand it. After using this product just a little more than a week, my feet were like new.”
--Patricia S., York PA

“I recommend this product to all. My husband is a diabetic and it works.”
--Martie G., Lancaster NY

Skin & Body Care

“As someone who has a lifelong problem with foot odor, I am very impressed with this product. One application eliminated odor for the entire day.” –Marsha H., Pickens SC

"By the third night, I was definitely beginning to feel and see very positive changes. My feet no longer itched and the cracks were disappearing. By the end of the first week my feet looked 20 years younger."
-- Richard Smith, Boulder CO

“We have been amazed and delighted with the healing power of Khepra. Within a week or two of daily use, feet with deep fissures have been healed to a smooth surface. Khepra Foot Balm is a fantastic lotion. It feels wonderful and lives up to all its claims."
-- Dr. Norma Bale-Bowland, Crossville TN

" Khepra simply eliminates foot odor problems."
-- Robert Ouradnick, Greensboro NC

"I never thought I'd find a product that worked so well, be so easy to use, and smell so pleasant."
-- Grace Johnson, St. Louis Park MN

“I use your cuticle oil and find it to be the best I have ever tried.”
--Pat, Atlanta GA

“We were amazed that my daughter’s eczema cleared up almost overnight, and we still use it every day. We love this product.”
--Doug Tom, St. Louis MO

“I have had severe problems with very dry flaking feet for almost 5 years. Consultations with physicians failed to yield a diagnosis ... Conventional skin lubricants did not help and prescription creams with cortisone resulted in a very small improvement. . . . I was introduced to your products and was very skeptical. However within 7 days of use my feet were vastly improved, dryness disappeared and the flaking of dead skin was completely gone. I am a firm believer that your product is superior to all of the others I have tried and will continue to use it.”
--S. Silverman, D.V.M., Ph.D., Sausalito CA

Massage Care

“I love the glide of this oil, and that it doesn’t dry up with use. There is no oily residue after a massage, and the oil leaves skin smooth and silky. My clients love it! I’ve used Khepra products for 15 years and wouldn’t use anything else.”
--Joyce Jackman, Massage Therapist, Lake Bay WA

“I have used Khepra Massage Therapy Lotion on hundreds of clients. They love how it leaves their skin soft and silky after the massage. And I love the glide and texture created during the massage. This is the only lotion I’ll use.”
--Michelle Augustus, Massage Therapist, Placerville CA

"The texture created by Khepra Foot Balm is perfect for massaging the feet. And the elimination of foot odor is a great bonus."
-- Debra Atkinson, Massage Therapist, Salt Lake City UT

" Khepra amazingly does everything that it claims to do. My clients love it."
-- Karen Meisner, Massage Therapist, Minneapolis MN

"I've never used anything that worked half as well as Khepra."
-- Beth Barker Burton, Massage Therapist, Woodstock IL

"I want to commend you on your wonderful product. It is marvelously effective."
--Robert Diews, Neuromuscular Therapist, Sarasota FL

“We rate this product a ‘10’”
--Associated Professional Massage Therapists

“I love, and I mean LOVE your Foot Balm product! It is a tremendous enhancement to my massage practice.”
--Kathy Radany, Massage Therapist, Seattle WA

“Thanks for introducing me to your outstanding product.”
--Pam Bowling, Massage Therapist, Carnation WA

“I use Khepra Foot Mist on every client. They love the fragrance and how it cools their feet. I use the Foot Mist in combination with Khepra Foot Balm, and my clients say their feet feel better for days.”
--Lynn Rentz, Massage Therapist, Schererville IN

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