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Khepra Skin Care offers premium products for massage and body treatment. Khepra Foot Balm, Massage Oils, and Skin Therapy Crème have been used by massage therapists and massage schools for over 15 years. Eighteen months ago we introduced our line of premium Massage Therapy Lotions that massage therapists find to be of the same high standards as the rest of our product line.

Top-of-the-line ingredients

All of Khepra massage oils and lotions are formulated with a rich set of base oils that includes cold-pressed sweet almond oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and aloe vera oil. In addition, most of our products are made with the art of aromatherapy, containing some of the most expensive essential oils, including myrrh, frankincense, and tea tree. We believe in the strength of our product formulations, and will continue to blend our products from only premium ingredients.

Created with the massage therapist in mind

Our massage products were created for massage professionals. To start, all of our products create the ideal texture, glide, and control for the duration of the massage. But we have also built in additional properties that allow you to provide the highest quality treatments for your clients. Massage Therapy Lotion is formulated with one of the leading moisturizing ingredients used in high-end cosmetics. This not only helps moisturize the client’s skin after the massage, but also protects the hands of the massage therapist. Khepra Massage Oils are non-greasy, and absorb completely into the skin, so the client can put clothes on without worrying about staining. The Oils are also water-dispersible. Khepra Foot Balm kills bacteria on contact to stop foot odor, and also dries on the foot during the massage so there is no slippery mess afterwards. These are just some the ways we kept you in mind when we were formulating our products.

Retail sizes for resale to your clients

We offer wholesale pricing to massage therapists and spas that retail products to their clients. Many clients enjoy the Foot Balm and Skin Therapy Crème for daily skin care. Using these products during massage and body treatments is an ideal way for you to introduce clients to Khepra products. Your clients will be glad to have premium products to treat their skin, body, and muscles in-between their massage sessions. Please contact us for information about our wholesale program.

Thank you to the many massage schools that recommend Khepra products

We appreciate the many massage schools that believe in Khepra products and provide their students access to Khepra products through bookstores and classrooms. We are happy to work with massage schools, no matter how large or small, or even if they wish to carry only part of our product line. We gladly provide free samples to teachers, bookstores, and students, and are willing to provide marketing material for open houses and other events. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our wholesale program for massage schools.

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