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November 2004


"THERE ARE FOOT LOTIONS that soften and moisturize dry, hard skin. There are foot gels and sprays that purify and deodorize. But it’s rare to find a single product that does all those jobs so well. Khepra Foot Balm glides on and moisturizes like an oil but then transforms right under your fingers to a nontacky and blessedly nonslippery finish.

Thanks to its unique blend of beeswax, aloe, olive and jojoba oil, it offers superior, long-lasting conditioning for even the driest, most beat-up feet. It also incorporates some of nature’s most powerful antibacterials, including propolis and tea-tree oil, plus essential oils of myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender, cedarwood, and bitter almond.

So it eliminates foot odor like nobody’s business and offers up an enticing almond aroma. Best of all, this is just part of Khepra’s rave-worthy line of aromatherapeutic professional massage and personal-care products, including massage oil and lotion, skin-therapy crème and cuticle oil. The foot balm (about $10) and other products are available in select natural health stores and online at www.khepracare.com."

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Foot Balm
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Foot Care Kit
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Clinical Proven for Diabetic Foot Care

• Conducted at Osceola Regional Medical Center
• Provides fast results for over 9 in 10 diabetics
• Gets results where other lotions fail

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