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10 Reasons to Try Khepra Foot Balm Today

Don’t simply take our word for it.  Hear why our loyal customers use and recommend Khepra Foot Balm.

10) Eliminates Foot Odor

"As someone who has a lifelong problem with foot odor, I am very impressed with this product. One application eliminated odor for the entire day."
-- Marsha H., Pickens SC

9)   Reduces Itching and Cracked Feet

"By the third night, I was definitely beginning to feel and see very positive changes. My feet no longer itched and the cracks were disappearing. By the end of the first week my feet looked 20 years younger."
-- Richard Smith, Boulder CO

8)   Refreshes Your Feet

We have been amazed and delighted with the healing power of Khepra. Within a week or two of daily use, feet with deep fissures have been healed to a smooth surface. Khepra Foot Balm is a fantastic lotion. It feels wonderful and lives up to all its claims."
-- Dr. Norma Bale-Bowland, Crossville TN

7)   Results Right Away

"I am a diabetic, have had severe problems with cracked, flaking skin on the bottom and sides of my feet. I've tried over the last four years numerous lubricants and creams with limited improvement. However, after three weeks of using Khepra I've noticed an almost unbelievable degree of improvement. I am totally impressed."
--William P., Martinsville VA

6)   A Pleasant Aromatherapy Scent

"I never thought I'd find a product that worked so well, be so easy to use, and smell so pleasant."
-- Grace Johnson, St. Louis Park MN

5)   Perfect for Massage to Improve Circulation

"The texture created by Khepra Foot Balm is perfect for massaging the feet. And the elimination of foot odor is a great bonus."
-- Debra Atkinson, Massage Therapist, Salt Lake City UT

4)   You'll Sleep Better

"I am a diabetic who has foot troubles. The use of Khepra Foot Balm at night has helped ease my foot pain to allow me to sleep better."
--Patricia B., Hawesville KY

3)   Recommend by Diabetes Educators across the Country

Over 375 Diabetes Educators, Endocrinologists, and pharmacists across the country recommend Khepra Foot Balm to their diabetic patients. Many of you may have heard about us through the MyGreatFeet information and samples we provide at hundreds of endocrinology and diabetes clinics. Learn more at Khepra for Diabetics

2)   Endorsed by the National Health & Wellness Members

Khepra Foot Balm has received the National Health & Wellness Member Tested Seal of Approval. View Member Endorsement

1)   Clinically Proven

Clinically proven for daily diabetic foot care. Over 90% of participants in a clinical study with dry skin, deep fissures, or other foot ailments noticed improvement in the condition of their feet within two weeks of applying Khepra Foot Balm once per day. View Clinical Results

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Foot Care Kit Foot Care Kit

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Contains three massage products specifically designed to produce the ideal glide and control for full body and foot message.
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