Clinical Study for Khepra Foot Balm and Diabetic Foot Care

Conducted at Osceola Regional Medical Center

Khepra Foot Balm was the focus of a clinical study conducted at Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida. The study was administered by Beverly Slanker, RN, CDE with Diabetes Education classes during the months of April and June 2004. Thirty-two diabetics participated in the study.

Provides fast results for over 9 in 10 diabetics with foot ailments

Over 90% of participants with dry skin, deep fissures, or other foot ailments noticed moderate to significant improvement in the condition of their feet within two weeks of applying Khepra Foot Balm once per day.

Gets results where other lotions fail

Of the participants, a majority were already using a lotion prior to the study, but only 10% of the diabetics found their other lotion to be effective. Most were still experiencing dry or cracked skin before trying Khepra Foot Balm. 90% of diabetics that were using a different lotion prior to the study plan to switch to Khepra Foot Balm after the study.

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Foot Balm

Foot Balm 4 oz
Eliminates dry skin and cracked heels. Purifies, softens, and heals the feet all day with only one application. Clinically proven for daily diabetic foot care.

Foot Care Kit
Foot Care Kit
Three aromatherapy products and a pumice stone naturally bring your feet to radiant health. Eliminate dry skin and cracked heals. Foot Balm, Foot Scrub, and Foot Mist provide foot care throughout the day.
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Khepra Foot Balm

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Ancient Egyptian healers relied heavily on the essential oils and fluids of plants to enhance the health of the skin and body, and they were among the first to employ the art of aromatherapy—the blending of essential oils to amplify the therapeutic nature of the oils.

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