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The Art of Aromatherapy

Khepra Skin Care was born out of the belief that Nature is the most powerful source of the substances that promote the health of the body. All of our products employ the art of aromatherapy, the blending of essential oils to amplify the therapeutic nature of the oils. Each essential oil we have selected for our products has been chosen for the specific healing benefits it provides. In addition, the essential oils provide pleasant fragrances that stimulate the senses and spirit.

The Buzz about Beeswax

The ancient Egyptians were the first to combine beeswax with aromatherapy. Several of our products are based on these same practices. The beeswax acts as a time-release vehicle, slowly releasing essential oils into the skin over many hours. In addition, beeswax contains seven antibiotics, including the strongest naturally occurring antibiotic – propolis.

Company History

Khepra Skin Care was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1987. We started by focusing on developing premium products for massage therapy. Over the years we found that several of our formulations were also ideal for daily skin and body care. All of our products are made in Minneapolis. Our employees and their families proudly use Khepra products every day.

Tapping into Centuries of Wisdom

In our search for a reliable and creative body of knowledge about natural substances that would promote the health of the skin and body, we encountered the world-renowned healers of ancient Egypt. The incredible medicinal, educational, and engineering skills of the ancient Egyptians led us to believe that their knowledge of natural substances to benefit and heal the body would be highly effective. This has proven true.

Our Logo

Our logo is the scarab beetle which is the ancient Egyptian symbol for the god of healing – Khepra. The scarab represents new life and spontaneous generation. The ancient Egyptian god of healing was not only responsible for healing the human, but also responsible for healing the Earth. Each day the Earth was believed to be reborn, with Khepra pushing the sun across the sky – the sun is represented in our logo by the orange sphere being pushed by the beetle. We selected the scarab as our logo since we strive to create products that generate new life and renewal for the skin and body.

About Khepra

Khepra /Ke – pruh/

Our products are named after the ancient Egyptian god of healing – Khepra. The ancient Egyptians were the first to combine beeswax with essential oils to restore the health of the skin, feet and body. We’ve done the same.

Clinical Proven for Diabetic Foot Care

• Conducted at Osceola Regional Medical Center
• Provides fast results for over 9 in 10 diabetics
• Gets results where other lotions fail

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