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Organic Massage Oils Organic Massage Oils
Khepra is pleased to announce the addition of Organic Massage Oils to our premium line of massage products.  An organic blend of oils has been specially selected to create the ideal glide and control for the duration of the massage.
Foot Balm Foot Balm 3 pack
Eliminates dry skin and cracked heels. Purifies, softens, and heals the feet all day with only one application. Keeps feet fresh all day long. Clinically proven for daily diabetic foot care. Aromatherapy blend. Three 4 oz Bottles.
Massage Oils Massage Oils
This light massage oil provides ideal glide for the duration of a massage. All of the oils are water-dispersible. Available unscented or in two aromatherapy blends. Now available in our great lavender scent – Nefertiti’s Touch.

Foot Care Kit
Foot Care Kit
Three aromatherapy products and a pumice stone naturally bring your feet to radiant health. Eliminate dry skin and cracked heals. Foot Balm, Foot Scrub, and Foot Mist provide foot care throughout the day.
Massage Care KIt
Massage Therapy Kit  
Three great massage products with aromatherapy blends designed for massage from head to toe. Design your own Kit with aromatherapy blends to relax or invigorate the muscles and spirit.

Extreme Moisture Creme
Extreme Moisture Crème
Deep moisturizing lotion with a crisp mint scent and natural moisturizers to treat troubled, dry skin. This full-body skin moisturizer goes on with a smooth finish.

Skin Therapy Creme Skin Therapy Crème
Ten essential oils infuse this daily replenishing crème. Contains aloe vera to heal dry and damaged skin. Also great for deep tissue massage and as a finishing crème.

Foot Balm

Foot Mist

Foot Scrub


Skin Care
Skin Care Kit
Extreme Moisture Crème
Skin Therapy Crème
Cuticle Oil

Foot Care
Foot Care Kit
Foot Balm
Foot Scrub
Foot Mist

Massage Care
Massage Care Kit
Organic Massage Oils
Massage Oils
Massage Therapy Lotions

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FalkisThanks to Faklis Orthotics & Pedorthics from Tarpon Springs, FL for recommending Khepra products to their customers including world-class
runner David O'Meara.

- Faklis Orthotics & Pedorthics
- David O'Meara -- OneMileRunner

Khepra Cares

The American Diabetes Association recommends you keep the skin on your feet soft and smooth.

- Clinically-proven foot care
- Khepra Foot Balm
- Diabetic Care

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